The Oasis Project is a travel based educational experience that helps young people develop a balanced outlook and an appreciation of their place in the puzzle of adolescence. It is a response to the tragic newspaper headlines of school and youth violence.

The system and approach were refined over the past 50 years. The goal is to inspire young people, while taking them on tours of the outback of California and Nevada.

An epic adventure to a deserted place brings out the essence of people's spirit. There is no “static” to prevent a good signal (education) from getting through.
Food, clothing and shelter are as good as the ABC’s when it comes to getting kids to think.

A remarkable maturity develops in 9 to 14 year olds when they live and study in serene desert settings. They form lifelong bonds with nature and the friends they make on these trips.

The shared experience of these kids taught them that they could survive and succeed in life.

Travel takes a person out of an ordinary environment and puts them into a world that will daily test their adaptation skills. They have to adjust to moving, weather, peers, diet and a new way of taking care of themselves. This process exercises inherent abilities of cooperation with others and the environment.
It also teaches them how to work for the common good by being flexible and compassionate.

We will compliment the work being done by our school systems. We will fine-tune the students’ appreciation of the natural world.

Oasis is a place for the kids to refresh, reflect and recharge - a place to prepare for the great challenges of life. These young people will bring home serenity, success and lifelong friends and memories. Oasis gives them a place they can call their own.