Oasis - Bring / Don’t Bring List

YES, Do Bring:

 1.  One large gear bag (instead of two).
 2.  Five Tee shirts,
        five shorts,
        (long) sox – 5 pair.
 3.  Two pair of jeans and shorts
 4.  Baseball or “crush” hat,
 5.  Extra copy of OASIS Sign Up Form
        in gear bag.
 6.  Wrist watch with lighted dial,
        and small (squeeze) flash light.
 7.  Plastic trashcan bag for used clothing.
 8.  Medium sleeping bag,
        tooth brush etc.
 9.  One light wind breaker,
        one heavy jacket.
10. If medication is needed –
        send us a note about use.
11. Spending money
        do NOT exceed $5.00
12.  A good “I can do anything” attitude.

NO, Don't Bring

1.  Electronic gear – games,
     IPods, radios, etc.
2.  Food – chips, candy, etc
3.  Excess spending money.
4.  Bad attitudes.

We have a zero tolerance drug policy