The discipline of science requires testing over time to prove a conclusion. The project started in 1970 at the school in Bolinas, California has met these criteria. The majority of those former students have gone on to professional lives and careers. They have told me how they profited from our system.

This wide variety of people has a common thread running through their lives - they are constantly in touch with each other. This bond was developed by shared experiences.

A catalyst for these events was the travel concept, which brought them together.
We know this system can be duplicated with varieties of kids from all over the country and even the world. Some of the original Bolinas School students will be employed as aides in the program.

From those 70’s students we now have: airline pilots, law enforcement officers, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, motorcycle racers, writers, contractors, teachers, builders, architects, mechanics, computer technicians, etc.

Oasis will provide a way for kids to develop their personalities. It will give them solid values to forge a will to succeed in life.

I recently flew some friends to the Napa, California airport for lunch and some aerial sightseeing. Parked on the apron near us was a bomber (B-17) from WW II. I saw it was from Arizona. I asked the crew if they knew one of my former students, who is now an airline pilot living in Phoenix. “Sure, we know him - he flew the plane up here!”
They said we just missed him - “he just left to visit with some old school friends”
I’m proud of this man and all his fellow students from the shop program. I know we can help the present generation “take off” on their careers too.