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The trip themes are geared toward boys 8-14, and will be scheduled every other week during the summer of 2005.

We will make a trip for girls only according to subscriptions received.

Contact us for more information about trip scheduling and to make a reservation.

Donation towards the cost of trips varies depending on the length and distance traveled.

Oasis for Kids, Inc.
344 Westline Drive,
Ste. C113,
Alameda, CA 94501

Dave Duffin, Director
Phone: 510-522-5050
Cell:  415 999 5322

When you have signed up for a trip, open the Permission page, (it will open in a new window), and print it out.
Fill out and attach a copy of your medical insurance card to the form, if applicable, and make three (3) photocopies.

Keep one for your records, Mail or bring one with your child for our records, and put one additional copy in your child's gear bag.

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