June 2022, Oasis For Kids Founder Dave Duffin passed from Colon cancer in the Veterans Hospital in Martinez, California on   June 26, 2021. It was a surprise to many of his closest friends, and Alumni as he did not tell us because he didn’t want anyone to worry about him, a dutiful soldier to the very end. Upon notice that he was in Hospice at the Veterans Hospital (Dave was a United States Marine and very proud of his service to country) his family, friends and Alumni came to visit him regularly sharing in ice cream and donuts with his visitors as he maintained his ever present calm humor. His bravery and resolve in the face of his passing was awe inspiring, and showed the depth not his spiritual faith, he was not angry or spiteful, he smiled at his blessings and all his accomplishments to help so many youth over the 54 years he dedicated his life to developing, running and providing Oasis For Kids. Every Sunday for 50 plus years, like church, Dave took youth to learn ride and maintain dirt bikes as a path to learn all the life lessons of responsibility, accountability, teamwork, respect and how to have fun while respecting the land, other people and nature. If it wasn’t a trip to ride it was a trip to go to the races, or on field trips, always an adventure and always words of morale compass on doing the right thing, looking after each other and such became a large and continuous family of Alumni that now are community leaders of their own, who now give back and pay it forward to help enable this unique program continue to be a safe haven for today’s next generation where leadership is taught.  

Thank You to the City and Parks Board of Bolinas (CA) for dedicating the original dirt track at Mesa Park as the Dave Duffin Track, in beloved memory of our Oasis For Kids founding father and for the continued support, approval and insurance coverage of this site for Oasis to store our safety gear, dirt bikes and tools so that we can continue to offer riding for youth at no cost!

Thanks to Kate Kentfield’s family for their many years of generous donation and to all whom have generously donated each year to enable Oasis for Kids to provide this legacy community service for free to local and visiting families! This support includes Motion Pro tools, Berkeley Honda-Yamaha,  that are needed to maintain the fleet of motorcycles that we provide in a range of size for elementary to high school students to ride. 

Thanks to Mike Mahoney, yes the famous surf board artist for maintaining this website for all these years!

Oasis is a place for the kids to refresh, reflect and recharge – a place to prepare for the great challenges of life. These young people will bring home serenity, success and lifelong friends and memories. Oasis gives them a place they can call their own.

Oasis For Kids original IRS approval in 2005 as a Federally recognized non-profit was as an educational program. Education of youth has been the foundation and core focus of Oasis For Kids, and has used camping trips to nature and teaching youth how to ride off road motorcycles safely, as well as repair them has been the successful activity in Bolinas since 2017.

The Oasis Project is a travel based educational experience that helps young people develop a balanced outlook and an appreciation of their place in the puzzle of adolescence. It is a response to the tragic newspaper headlines of school and youth violence.

The system and approach were refined over the past 50 years. The goal is to inspire young people, while taking them on tours of the outback of California and Nevada.

With Dave’s passing in 2021, a new non profit board was needed to be established and to take on all the tasks Dave dedicated his life to doing in the running of Oasis For Kids, as Oasis Alumni were his primary family! We have established a new Board, reestablished our partnership with Marin County Motorcycle Association-MCMA, the American Motorcycle Association-AMA, and are a recognized Charitable organization by the State of California and the IRS, enabling us to continue to accept tax free donations to sustain this amazing youth outreach and mentorship program that serves the local Bolinas community and beyond!

We held a Celebration of Life in July 2021 for Dave Duffin and his family , laying his ashes on the track center per his last wishes and we will be having a sign dedication event to recognize all of our long time sponsors, as well as new sponsors, officials and volunteers that have made this program and location a long- time successful community asset that serves our youth with compassion and connection.

Dave Duffin at Bolinas School Graduation circa 1970s, founder of the motorcycle repair class which provided Technician Certificates from Yamaha for graduates! Dave taught and was a firm believer in motorcycle safety, as well
as taking responsibility for one’s actions and choices.